Ifelodun PDP Wrangling – Do not fight a lost battle

BY Phelix Adeoye Friday

The current shenanigans playing out are not unexpected, especially amidst fellows who detest success, progress, and love. Suffice it to say, a coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave. The political wrangling has been back and forth for a while in Ifelodun local government and any PDP member in Ifelodun, describing the root cause as hazy, is not faithful enough.


– The former secretary, Hon. Bakare Azeez(Alasco) occupied three portfolios.
– Stakeholders nominated someone else as secretary as instructed by the working committee of our party.
– Party’s leadership at the state level accepted the nomination, and then some stakeholders at home raised Kerfuffle.

The PDP’s constitution is sacrosanct as to what to be done when a party executive takes another full time appointment. Whatever interpretation anyone gave it, to satisfy their thirst for loyalty and power, is nothing to write home about. In fact, it is an imbecile way of PDP’s constitutional interpretation. Like a Domino effect, cascade of reactions have trailed the replacement of the party’s secretary, and that’s the beauty of democracy. But, the party’s decision to bring in Hon. Musbau Jaiyeola as the new secretary of the People’s Democratic Party, Ifelodun Local Government is final and irrevocable.

With his emergence, the party is indeed certain that he will bring to bear his extraordinary leadership traits, which will impact the party greatly and definitely lead Ifelodun PDP to a higher pedestal.

Albeit, about three to four local executives of our party, belonging to the faction created by their self-acclaimed leader, Hon. Sarafadeen Awotunde, popular as Spain in Ifelodun Local Government refused to attend the official inauguration of Hon. Musbau Jaiyeola, reasons best known to them. It is no news that politics is a game of number and where the majority resides, authority resides, and final decision is binding.

However, declaring your stance will be appreciated, as the party is interested in knowing where you indeed belong. For the party or for a particular stakeholder? Are you in agreement with what 10 out of 13 stakeholders of our party endorsed or you prefer to go along with ‘Spain’ ?

Still on the local executives in question, I’m sure this action of theirs are against the authority of our ever respected party chairman in the state, Hon. Sunday Bisi. Our state chairman is hereby implored not to allow this kind of unruly behaviour and disrespect to his authority go unpunished. This will serve as a deterrent to whosoever intends to toe the same path. I would like these executives to be bold enough to declare their stances whether for the authorities of the party or their local leader.

Surprisingly, their mentor and leader who feigned that he was an advocate of conservatism on a popular radio show last weekend is no longer bothered about the party’s values and ideology and whatever decisions taken at the state and local level holds no water to him. Please practise what you preach!

My appeal goes to our MHR, a brainy representative with a rare passion for public service and humanity. The leader of their leaders whose achievements within a very short time has left the whole constituents and Osun at large astounded. Sir, be unbothered about the shenanigans during the inauguration of a new secretary, as they were busy attending to something more important than that of the People’s Democratic party.

Very vividly, they do not have a mind of their own, and their senses of reasoning have been beclouded. Battle with such people is a complete waste of time. “Never wrestle with a pig because you’ll both get dirty and the pig likes it,” apologies to George Bernard Shaw..
Truth be told, anyone who fights MHR is apparently fighting the people he represents, and that will not be tolerated.

Flashback -Most of them didn’t believe he would win, but destiny supercedes in all we do. And his victory becomes inexplicable, even to date.

Dear MHR, the road could be rough, and challenges could be enormous. They will plot against you, and rumours will be disseminated, but if you continue with the kind of determination that has brought you this far, something great awaits you. They are roaring because of 2027….comment reserved.

I make bold to say that if His Excellency Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke could surmount his challenges despite tides and ebbs,. I believe Victoria Ascerta for our MHR.!

Nevertheless, I  admonish concerned party to sheathe the sword and allow peace to reign. Don’t fight a lost battle. Remember, when brothers fight to death, a stranger inherit their father’s estate. A word is enough for the wise.

God bless our great party
God bless our diligent member of House of Representatives, Ifelodun/ Boripe/ Odo- Otin.

God bless you.

Whatever counter reaction you have to this should be well structured grammatically, as poorly written reaction by data boys will not be attended to. The author of this piece has a tight schedule. Thanks! 

Phelix Adeoye Friday, a Mechanical Engineer writes from Oke Afo area, Ikirun. 

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