Women Refusing Their Husbands Sex Over Fear Of COVID-19 Not Sinners – Cleric

A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia, has said wives are permitted to refuse to have sex with their husbands, who do not comply with precautions against the novel Coronavirus.
Sheikh Abdulla al-Mutlaq, a member of a senior scholars’ authority in the kingdom, said this when he answered a viewer, who sent her question to a Television religious show called “Fatwa,” which is aired on state TV.
“You are not a sinner at all … you are protecting yourself,” al-Mutlaq said.
The woman said her husband does not stay at home, and is not sticking to the declared restrictions.
She added that she fears getting infected with the disease, if she responds to his desire to sleep with her.
“Immunise yourself and stay away from him. If a husband is careless, so the wife has the right to refrain from him,” he added.
The kingdom has reported a total of 1,720 infections with 16 deaths.

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