Women Cheat More Than Men In Marriages – Princess

Nigerian comedienne, Oluwadamilola Adekoya, popularly known as princess, has submitted that women cheat more than men in marriages.
She said this on Thursday while featuring on Television Continental morning show ‘ Your View With Morayo’.
Princess, whose marriage to Nollywood actor/producer, Jeremiah Adeshola, lasted just two weeks in 2013, noted that about 40 percent of women cheat on their husbands, while only about 10 percent of men cheat in marriages.
While commenting on a trending video, which showed a woman assaulting a ‘side chick’ at the Ikeja City Mall, over an alleged affair with her husband, she blamed the man for cheating on his wife whatever reason, but accused women of being more guilty of infidelity in marriages.
She emphatically said women are psycho and Cheat alot in marriage.
She said: “A lot of women cheat,a lot of men cheat and if the men find out who their wives were sleeping with, they will not attack them in the Mall, they will pour hot oil on them in their cars.
“If you know who your wife is sleeping with today my brother, as this programme is ending, please go and do DNA test for all your children. Women are psycho, women cheat.
“Don’t say only men cheat. I want to reiterate my point. Women cheat harder and smarter. 40 percent of women cheat, while 10 percent of men cheat in marriages.”
Princess also advised women not to crucify their husbands when they fall in ‘one single moment of weakness’.
“If your husband has a moment of weakness and he slept with someone else, please I am not supporting cheating, please try and understand and forgive him.
“But if you are a man, do not dedicate your time and money to somebody outside your marriage. The person is now your mistress, kuku marry a second wife.
“And if you are a woman, and you feel your husband is a serial cheater, I’m just giving you a good news this morning, look at me, he can never change. May be if you want to do one on one, he cheats, then you cheat too, you will break your marriage. So you can carry your bag and go.
“And I dont support you fighting anyone, they will beat the hell out of me,” she added.
However, other co-hosts of the show, including the main host, Morayo Afolabi-Brown, did not agree with some of her views.
Morayo insisted she is married to one of the 10 percent of men who do not cheat on their spouse.

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