Why I Insulted An Upcoming Actress – Dayo Amusa

Dayo Amusa has shared a video in which she explained why she dismissed a young woman who reached out to her as a joker.
It all started when the actress share a new post on her Instagram and a fan commented that she is an aspiring actress and would appreciate a ‘helping hand.’
Amusa replied the woman: “Who will waste his/her time to help you when you have not helped yourself??? You have access to internet, you have IG page, no skit, nothing to showcase your so called talent and you dey find help [laughing emoji]. You a joker.”
Hurt, the fan simply replied: “Mama, no p. Thanks for that.”
And this riled many people, with most calling out Amusa for being unnecessarily nasty.
Now, she has shared a video explaining why she chose to insult and mock the fan, while also apologising for her rudeness.
See her video below:

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