We Can Make Quality Movies If FG Provides Loan – Filmmakers

Filmmakers under the umbrella of Association of Video Producers of Nigeria, has urged the federal government to ensure access to loans to improve the quality of films produced in the country.
Ralph Nwadike, president of the Association, on Monday, lamented that access to funds remains the biggest challenge facing Nollywood practitioners.
He said film quality could only be improved when filmmakers have access to funds through flexible loans, which would help them come up with their best.
Although he said the federal government had created a loan platform for the purpose, Nwadike added that it wasn’t enough to achieve the desired growth.
“When we have enough money in the system, better films will be released into the market; so we need to be encouraged in terms of funding,” Nwadike was quoted to have said in Lagos.
“We need chains of access to loans that we all can access for easy and quality film production.
“Banks have to ensure ease of borrowing and FG must do more in creating soft loan platforms that will be accessible to all filmmakers. With good money, quality films will be produced.”
The Nollywood industry had received an international capital fund for the production of more quality movies with investments from China and South Africa.
Among the core investors in the fund had been Huahua Media, a Chinese firm known for investing in ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ and AY’s forthcoming movie entitled ’30 Days in China’.

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