Tinsel Stars Call On Nigerians To Help Actor Victor Olaotan

Some Tinsel actors have taken to Instagram to call on Nigerians to help actor Victor Olaotan who is still struggling to recover after his horrifying car accident in 2016.
Recall that in 2019, Richard Mofe-Damijo revealed that Femi Otedola offered to pay all of Victor Olaotan’s medical bills, however, the actor is still needs help with healing.
Which is why his colleagues have shared the below on their Instagram pages.
Abiola Segun Williams shared this on Instagram:

When I met Victor Olaotan in 2008 I was enamoured by his looks. His luscious white hair, his strong sense of fashion and everyday grooming of his total visage. He was a very fashionable man.
I called him FADA like most of us did.
His gait was like an eagle on heels. He walked with exceptional pomp angling both arms like he was going to fly any second.
Victor Olaotan played his lead role as Fred Ade-Williams on Tinsel with such panache and style.
Now that is him in the picture above. Unbelievable!! It shows that flesh degenerates. Anyone can be involved in an accident. Many have died. Bryant just did without a chance for recovery.
However, Victor Olaotan has a chance for recovery, I know because I was given that chance too.
There is absolutely NOTHING that cant fade, diminish or wither.
Money can and does fly away. But what we do with it lasts forever.
The lives that we touch with our monies bless the lord on our behalfs and such gestures are recorded in eternity.
We have given but more needs to be given to bring Victor Olaotan back!! God bless you all as you give.

Actress Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman added:

Hello everyone,
I believe 2020 has gotten off to a positive year for us all.
Uncle Victor Olaotan is one of the most respected men in the industry. He is kind, considerate, respectful to all and very protective of the rights and safety of everyone who has come in contact with him.
I would like to use this opportunity to thank @Otedola and Multichoice, and everyone who donated funds during the fundraising for his treatment abroad last year. The treatment is successful, and we are grateful for that. But what nobody tells you ahead of time is that post-surgery care, medication and physiotherapy is even more, or at least as expensive as the treatment itself.
His wife has shouldered the responsibility since 2016 but as it is, we need your help. If we could all make a donation of just 500 NGN, it would go a very long way towards completing his treatment and pay his outstanding bills. God bless you as you do so. Amen.
Please swipe left for account details to make your donation.

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