Manchester United manager, Erik Ten Hag, has said Cristiano Ronaldo needs to understand that lions do get old to a point that they are unable to feed themselves.

Ten Hag also revealed that Ronaldo was respected enough as the club wanted him to leave in the summer, but no club came for him.

He said this following an explosive interview in which Ronaldo slammed the manager for not respecting him.

The Portuguese also accused the club of betraying him.

Ten Hag said: “I don’t want to talk about what Ronaldo said but I know that a wise man faces his problems Headon. I don’t demand respect from him,everyone but him is okay with me.”

“We gave him options to leave in the summer but unfortunately we couldn’t get anyone who was willing to take him. We tried with Chelsea but they refused. AC Milan also could not sign him. We also gave Ronaldo an option of looking for a club but he couldn’t find any. So what respect is he talking about?”

“United has had very good players in the past but they have never been this disappointing. Ronaldo must calm down and understand that even lions get old and it reaches a time when they can’t even feed themselves.”

“The problems started when he started to think he’s bigger and better than the club. I’m sorry as long as I’m here, Manchester United will always remain bigger than individuals.”

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