She Did Nothing Wrong – Tope Alabi’s Husband Defends Her

Soji Alabi, husband of gospel artiste, Tope Alabi, has said his wife did nothing wrong by dancing in the manner she did at her father’s wake.
He expressed shock and disappointment that her fans would turn against her over mere dance steps. Soji questioned the intention of the person who shared the video on social media.
“People should not just believe things without finding out the reasons. That video was definitely recorded at the wake keep service of my wife’s late father.
“As somebody who just lost her father, she was just trying to dance away the tears and she just expressed herself. Nobody saw her when she was crying, but now they are against her for dancing?
“The wake keep was organized by some gospel artists and it was held in front of her late father’s house. Somebody must have recorded the video and sent it online for reasons best known to only God. My wife has done nothing wrong please,” he told Celebrity Diary on telephone.
A video of Tope Alabi had circulated on social media last week sparking outrage among her fans. Many users had bashed the singer for dancing in a ‘wordly’ manner.

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