Senator Utazi Shares Experience As A Sickle Cell Carrier

The sickle cell bill is personal to Senator Chukwuma Utazi as he has a first-hand experience as to how the condition affect lives.
During a disclosure on Tuesday, May 12, 2020, the senator representing Enugu North senatorial district shared his journey as a carrier.
“It is painful to realise that an individual cannot marry his or her choice because of blood group”.
Speaking further on the subject matter while talking on a bill seeking to prevent, control and manage sickle cell anaemia in Nigeria, he noted.
“This bill is taking me down the memory lane because I’m an AS carrier and when I was about getting married I moved into this orbit and I know what I went through because I was in love.
“I knew the trauma. After that incident, for five years I didn’t come out of it. So I am speaking from experience and I know how it pains that you have made a choice and you discover that the choice can’t work. Because in Africa, we marry for children, we don’t marry for love.”

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