Rapper 6ix9ine Released Early From Prison Amid Coronavirus Crisis

6ix9ine has been released from prison after a New York judge granted him a compassionate release in light of the coronavirus outbreak.
Per THR, the rapper will be under house arrest for the next four months under supervised release. He have a GPS monitor, and also will have to live at an address agreed upon by his probation officer. Additionally, 6ix9ine can only leave his house if he requires medical attention or needs to visit his attorney.
The report continued:

The rapper was initially slated to be released from jail this July. Last week, Judge Paul A. Engelmayer denied 6ix9ine’s initial request for home confinement. “The Court is constrained to deny Mr. Hernandez’s request,” read the judge’s order obtained by Billboard. “Having canvassed potential sources of legal authority, the Court concludes that it lacks the legal authority to thus modify his sentence.”
The rapper’s lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, cited 6ix9ine’s medical history, which includes sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis as primary reasons for him to evacuate prison and finish the remainder of his sentence at home. “It seems like just a matter of time before all prisons in the area are hit with this virus, both inmates and guards,” Lazzaro wrote in his request last month.

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