Premier League Set To Lose £330 Million In Broadcast Revenue

Premier League is involved in a new row with broadcasters as they are on the verge of a return to action.
​Premier League to foot £4m cost for coronavirus testing kits
Plans are underway to have the league resume in mid-June, although games would take place behind closed doors.
The Sun reports that league teams are unhappy with Sky Sports, as the broadcaster wants to pay less money for this season.
Clubs do not want to accept £330 million in cuts to broadcasting revenue, even though more of the remaining matches of the season will end up on television.
One club boss said, per The Sun: “The first plan from the Government would have seen a lot more games on the BBC.
“Sky and BT got their way and it will be just two or three. We get why they wanted to retain exclusivity but they’re still not happy and that seems very unfair to us.
“When the Premier League comes back, ratings will go through the roof and they will show even more matches than they were due to have.
“At the same time, they are asking for a far bigger rebate from us than they have in Germany. A lot of clubs are not happy.”

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