Nigerians react as Burna Boy says Afrobeats is nothing, lacks substance (VIDEO)


Grammy award-winning Nigerian music superstar Burna Boy has described Afrobeats as ‘nothing’, saying it lacks substance.

According to the self-acclaimed African Giant, 90 per cent of Afrobeats songs are devoid of real-life experiences and only portray an amazing time that life isn’t all about.

Burna Boy who is preparing to release his 7th studio album made this known in a recent interview on Apple Music.

“Not even experience, because half of them, like 90% of them, have no real-life experience that they can understand.

“That’s why you hear most Nigerian music, African Music, or Afrobeats, as you people call it, is mostly about nothing, absolutely nothing. There is no substance to it, like nobody is talking about anything, it’s just a great time. But at the end of the day, life isn’t an amazing time.”

His statement has since sparked a range of reactions on social media with some agreeing with him, and others criticizing him for being arrogant.

Watch the video below:

Nigerians have reacted differently to his comments on Afrobeats, read some below:

Bigtimini said: “He talk too much”, ” he is too rude” , ” he is too proud” but he make good muics that has substance Not all those trash your goat makes ……
“The truth is not only Afrobeat artist, even in America, their artists sings without substance, but u will never hear them criticize themselves.”
“Lamba.. after people make money de go de talk rubbish.”
“Downplaying other people’s craft Just to promote your upcoming album is a dirty behaviour.”

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