New Yorkers Reportedly Ingest Disinfectants After Trump’s Coronavirus Comments

New reports have confirmed that a high number of New Yorkers contacted health authorities after ingesting bleach or household cleaners after President Trump’s controversial claim that they would cure coronavirus.
Recall that the US President had suggested that doctors should inject people with disinfectants as coronavirus curative, and this stirred heated reactions all over the world. Seeing the damage he had caused, Trump tried to dismiss his words as sarcasm, but no one bought that.
His comments stirred heated reactions all over the world, with many celebrities calling him out for putting people in danger.
Now, he apparently has done damage, because, according to the New York Daily News, the Poison Control Center managed a total of 30 cases of possible exposure to disinfectant between 9 p.m. on April 23 to 3 p.m. on April 24. The spokesman said the people who reached out did not die or required hospitalization.
Complex adds that the spokesman reported the cases reported between Thursday and Friday were specifically about being possibly exposed to Lysol. 10 of those cases were in regards to bleach while 11 pertained to everyday use household cleaners. And in the same window in 2019, there were 13 cases. Two of them were specifically about bleach and none of them about Lysol-related products.
Trump has since attempted to dismiss his dangerous comments as sarcasm.

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