My Mother Doesn’t Know What I Do For A Living – Denrele

Nigerian cross dresser and television host, Denrele Edun, has revealed that his mother does not know what he does for a living.
Denrele said this while featuring on a television show, ‘Cars and Stars’, hosted by Taiwo Onalana.
He was asked what the highlight of 2019 was for him, he referred to the interview he had with international television cable news network, CNN.
“The highlight of last year for me was the interview I had with CNN. When they told me about a  interview, I was expecting one station hiding under CNN.
“Then when I got there, they showed me the mail with my profile on it. And I said so you will follow me around for three days? Eh me?”
“They said your story is different and we want you to narrate it.
“And they ran the interview for four month. The interview went viral. People from Cambodia and all over the world reached me to say we saw you.
“My mother who lives in Dublin because she is not a Nigerian called me. She attends MFM. Her Pastor told her they saw me and all that.
“So my mother called me and said what did you do because she does not know what I do. She said whao, this is what you do?,” Denrele said.
The celebrity also disclosed that he designs and makes his outfits by himself.
“It took me three months to make this show I’m wearing. I started years back around 2001 when I started modelling. I could not afford what other models were wearing, so I decided to do my own thing to look different,” he concluded.

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