Meet The 16 Ultimate Love Guests

A new reality TV show, Ultimate Love, on Sunday, February 9, premiered on DStv and GOtv.
The Love Guests will participate in a series of locally inspired activities to test their compatibility as couples, with viewers voting off their least favorite couple every week.
Ultimate Love will air 24 hours for two months and the winning couple with the highest number of votes on the last day will be crowned ‘Ultimate Couple’.
They will also win a lavish traditional wedding and a fully furnished house (but only if they decide to get married).
If they do not end up getting married, they get a cash prize of N5m and other prizes that will be revealed to us as the show proceeds.
Meet the 16 Ultimate Love Guests below;
Obichukwu, 32, is from Imo State. He is handsome and suave. He has a passion for social work. When quizzed by DSTV about what he longs for in a lover, he sums it up poignantly: “A woman who gives me peace.”
He’s quite conservative and traditional too; preferring to be a provider for his family in addition to being strict and uncompromising about any sexual encounters in the Love Pad.
The beautiful Bolanle comes from Ondo State. She has a job resume that runs the gamut from media personality, to production manager and even CEO of an industrial cleaning and fumigation company.
The 35-year-old is looking for someone who is expressive and a solid communicator because, as she puts so perfectly, you can be, “15 years into a marriage and still be growing and getting to know one another more deeply.”
Cherry is a medical doctor with entrepreneurial skills in her arsenal. The Imo State local doesn’t believe in surface-level connections like she used to when she was younger.
She’s ultimately looking for a man who deeply understands her and accepts her as she is – both the good and the bad.
This vivacious, soon to be 36-year-old is a cool, collected and assertive brand architect from Abia State. She stresses that as long as she’s in love, she’s ready to say, “yes” to that life-long commitment.
David Wilson 
The 33-year-old from Bayelsa State isn’t fussy at all when it comes to relationships. All he requires is some quality time and a personal touch. David Wilson is all about being open-minded and recognizing that the world is changing. With this knowledge, he allows himself to get guidance from the universe.
Arnold is 31 years old. ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’  – this seems to be the case with Arnold as he loves his food, especially egusi. Arnold’s longest relationship was with his high school sweetheart, which lasted four years. Although he hasn’t had much luck in recent years, Arnold still believes in love and spontaneity in a relationship.
Theresa, 23, has the look of a model and the mind of a doctor as she’s currently an optometrist. She believes in traditional roles in a relationship but not to an extent where the man mistreats a woman. Theresa is a private person and believes that if anyone is to propose to her, it should happen behind closed doors.
The 24-year-old from Enugu State is clear on one thing; to find his ride-or-die. He believes that for a relationship to work, there must be clear gender roles. Let’s just say he’s all for mutual understanding.
Jenny Okoko
Jenny Okoko is a 26-year-old fabric trader from Rivers State. She considers respect as the most important aspect of a relationship and totally believes in love at first sight. Culture ranks high on her priority list so that’s the one thing you’re certain she won’t waiver on.
Jenny Koko also carries an interesting secret as she previously received a proposal from a suitor but her father declined after realizing her beau was way too old for her in his opinion. Now Jenny Koko is out to give love another try on Ultimate Love and would absolutely adore a nice, intimate proposal to capture her heart.
Ebiteinye is a 26-year-old accountant who believes that love can be found anywhere in an instant. In her quest to find love, her beliefs aren’t clouded and she is ready to take the role of being a supportive partner.
Louis is a modern-day man who believes roles should be equally shared in a relationship. Having a connection is very important to him, a relationship can be judged in the beginning whether it’s for keeps or not.
Michael will never compromise on love and believes that ultimate love is finding someone who can complement his life. He believes one has to be selfless, kind and patient in a relationship. His passion for people has burnt his fingers in the past as people took him for granted.
The 29-year-old marketing executive hails from Anambra State and absolutely adores receiving gifts of all kinds including flowers, accessories and more. She views herself as a strong-willed woman who recently left a relationship that spanned a decade.
32-year-old serial entrepreneur Kachi is from Imo State and has a deep love for his culture and tradition. The self-proclaimed charmer firmly believes a man should always provide for his family but has a liberal side to match – he is open to a partner having her own identity
The 35-year-old teacher can school you on love, as her longest relationship spanned a respectable 12 years! The Ogun State native is never short on smiles with her dream proposal happening on the beach in the middle of a dreamy sunset. Love at first sight to her means more than the physical and is determined by whether she feels a meaningful connection with a person.
This 35-year-old engineer from Ebonyi State is grounded on who he is and would never trade anything about him for anything else. For Jay, love is all about attraction and he believes it’s the basis for anything else that follow.

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