Lukas Podolski Open To Arsenal Return

Former Arsenal striker, Lukas Podolski, has admitted he may return to the club one day.
The German was an excellent signing for the Gunners, operating upfront and on the left-wing.
And he suggests that he may be back one day, albeit in a coaching role.
Asked about life after football, he told Arsenal Player: “We will see, I still have something inside me to play for three or four more years maybe.
“After that, maybe rest a bit, I really don’t have a plan for now because I still love to play, to be with my teammates, to fight for three points every week, I still love that and when you love something you can’t leave it.
“What is after? I have my business, maybe something more is coming, maybe being a coach in the youth, maybe work for your hometown Koln, maybe you can do something at Arsenal, maybe you can do something at Japan.
“I will see, time will tell.”

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