John Boyega Mocks Trolls Who Reported His Tweet Over Racist Row

John Boyega continues to flex on social media after triggering racists trolls who are following his page.
In case you missed it: after the news of George Floyd’s murder by police in Minnesota, celebrities joined everyone on social media to speak out against the endemic racism that continues to eat into the fabric of America. In his post, John Boyega declared that he hates racists.

And while many followers agreed with him and saw his point, some racist got triggered and accused him of segregating white people. This led to a row on social media, with the Nigerian-British actor reading the trolls for filth.

In typical fashion, the racist reported him to the manager (read: Twitter).
Well, Twitter didn’t see anything wrong with one of his comment and informed him of the report. And he returned to the app to share the report, with a caption saying, “Off to the shops. Does anyone want anything?”
Check out his tweet below:

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