Napoli star player, Victor Osimhen, said he surpassed the personal expectations he had set for his career and owes his success to God.

Osimhen stated this during a chat with Nigerian sports content creator, Oma Akatugba, posted on Instagram on Monday.

The 24-year-old Nigerian Int’l said that he attributes his success as a footballer to a lot of pain, tears, and failures that have shaped him into the star player he is today.

The Serie A top scorer so far this 2022/2023 season, said he experienced a lot of obstacles in this journey to the top, adding that many looked down on him, and never expected him to attain the level of success he is presently enjoying.

When asked if he had surpassed his target as a footballer, Osimhen said, “For me, more than 100 percent, more like 1001 percent, because I set a standard for myself, the kind of life I want to live and even when things were not going so well for me I kept on believing, dreaming, praying and working hard, doing all sorts of jobs before I went back to my real love, football.

“There was a lot of obstacles along the way to get to where I am today. A lot of hate, backstabbing, and also love. I attribute my success to a lot of love, pain, tears, failures. Many didn’t believe I could make it, they said I wouldn’t survive two years. I was laughed at when two clubs rejected me in Belgium, but I never allowed all those get to me.

“You either take it like they have said it or you prove them absolutely wrong. God so good I have proved them wrong. I’m playing in one of the best clubs in Europe, I have been nominated for the youth player of the year, I have won so many personal awards for myself, which I feel is a huge milestone for me, considering the fact that I’ve gone through a lot of life threatening issues, I came back and I’m doing quite well for myself.

“That’s why everytime I wake up, I’m so grateful to God and thank him for everything, because if I had not gotten to where I am today, I would have given a lot of people a reason to talk down on me in my career. I’m winning against all odds and I’ve won against people who had written me off and wished me bad in my journey.

“I’m so grateful to God for where I am today and I know he isn’t done with me.”

Osimhen is the highest goal scorer so far this season in the Italian league Serie A with 14 goals scored in 16 matches played.

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