Insecurity: Change Your Tone Of Command To Service Chiefs – CAN Tells Buhari

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to change his tone of command to his service chiefs, if the country must overcome the current state of insecurity.
CAN chairman, north central, Rev. Israel Akanji, who spoke with journalists in Abuja on Sunday during a protest march against insecurity in Nigeria, urged the president should change his approach to tackling the challenge in the country.
He, however, noted that sacking the service chiefs is not the solution to the problem.
Akanji stated that he has confidence in the Nigerian army and other security agencies.
According to him, Nigerian troops have proven themselves in foreign missions, adding that something must be wrong if they cannot win a war in their own country.
He said: “I believe that if the tone of the command changes, I tell you the truth we will have victory. I am one person that has confidence in the Nigerian security system.
“These are people that are heroes, they have gone to other parts of the world to solve problems. They have fought in many countries.
“But for them to now be incapacitated in their own country then there must be that they are not hearing the same kind of command. My own feeling is that the command should change.
“I have believe in President Muhammadu Buhari that no country in Africa can defeat Nigeria. To me if Buhari says these killings should stop it will stop. I feel that he has to change his approach.
“Before the protest march came we have had a declaration of a month of waiting and prayer for the nation and looking up to God for the nation.
“We believe that the protest march is the outward part of the thing we are doing also internally by praying for the nation.
“We are protesting to God and letting God know that the situation is becoming most unbearable that people will be killed, lives will be taken and nothing is done in a nation like this and we are thinking that there is so much focus on Christians because if you go and kill a CAN chairman in a local government what you are doing is that you are confronting all the Christians. No life should be taken in the way that lives are been taken. But when you now target a leader of the church then it is sad.
“It is becoming very embarrassing and shameful that in a country where we have lived together and all of a sudden now we are turning against each other and in this form and it has been persistent and we feel that there are supposed to be more intervention from the leaders of this country particularly when that man had time to cry for help and call on people and at the end of the day he was killed.
“We are all out for the same purpose using different approaches. Sincerely speaking, my own feeling is that even if you change the Service Chiefs ten times and bring different other tribes we may not have any progress in the sense that the security chiefs are working under command and if the tone of that command does not change, who ever comes there cannot do anything”.

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