I’m One Of The Cabals In Buhari’s Govt, Admits Funtua

Isa Funtua, an associate of President Muhammadu Buhari, has admitted that he is one of the cabals in Aso Rock.

Critics of Buhari’s administration have  referred to Funtua, who hails from Katsina, the state the president also comes from, as one of the cabals who have hijacked his government.

Aisha, the first lady, had also spoken out that her husband’s government has been hijacked by some of his associates, including her outburst against Mamman Daura, her husband’s uncle, as one of the persons calling the shots in the Presidential Villa.
Appearing on a Morning Show, a programme on Arise Television, on Saturday, Funtua said it is an insult to say Buhari is running his government through a group of people.
Funtua accused people of using the term “cabal” in a derogatory manner, saying the president is free to have people he trusts around him.
“I’m not a member of any cabal, I’m cabal myself,” he said.
“What is cabal? In short I think it means kitchen cabinet, people that you trust. People you believe will not deceive you, that they can do things in the interest of the country.
“Nigerians are using it in a derogatory term not in the real meaning of it. Take dictionary, what is the real meaning of cabal?
When asked if the first lady’s allegation that cabal exists in the presidency was true, he responded:
“Please, let me hear word, I beg you.”

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