I’m Not The First Lady Of Kaduna State – Hadiza El-Rufai

Hadiza El-Rufai has a response for folks who asked her to address the horrifying killings of local farmers on Southern Kaduna.
In case you missed it: new reports surfaced of the recent clash between farmers and unknown assailants which resulted in the deaths of many, including women and children. And while Nigerians mourned, Hadiza El-Rufai took to her Twitter to celebrate her 80, 000 followership.

This rubbed many people the wrong way, especially since Kaduna State is currently ruled by her husband, Nasir El-Rufai. So, they called her out.
But the writer-feminist had a terse reply for her critics. “Did any of you see “First Lady” in my bio?” she asked them, adding, “My TL is for language, humour and other light-hearted issues.”
She continued, “I don’t tweet about serious matters like governance and politics. Though I’m married to a governor I’m not a part of government. I swore no oath.”
Many Nigerians had issues with her stand, but she did not oblige them with further response.
See her tweet below:

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