I’ll Rather Be A Nun Than Engage In Lesbianism – Khloe

Former BBNaija reality TV star, Khloe has said she’d rather be a nun than engage in the act of lesbianism.

She said this in an Instastories question and answer session during which a female follower asked if she’ll date her.

In response, Khloe said that it’s against her religion and she wouldn’t try it.

Khloe also advised women dating men who give them the attention to not leave them be.

She revealed that men who supports their women aren’t common anymore, urging ladies to not let go of such men.

She wrote;

”Ladies, if you have a man who cares for you, help you get through shit.. support you and gives you all the attention.. pls hold him tight cos they don’t make such anymore out here.. feeling down and being lonely is the easiest way to depression. ”

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