Ian Wright Predicts Demoralizing Defeat For Arsenal Against Chelsea

Arsenal legend Ian Wright believes Mikel Arteta’s side could be in for another demoralizing defeat against a ‘devastating’ Chelsea side who are likely to hand a debut to new signing, Romelu Lukaku.

Wright stated this in an interview with Ringer FC’s Podcast, where he said that Arsenal does not possess the firepower to run the present Chelsea team.

The Gunners  began the season with a shock 2-0 to Brentford while Chelsea defeated Crystal Palace 3-0 at Stamford Bridge. Both London sides face each other at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday.

“Since Lukaku was linked, Romelu has been talking to me on a consistent basis, so I know it is happening but I’ve to keep quiet. All the time I think this is fine, but when I see how Arsenal got beaten against Brentford knowing that Romelu will be there.

“I knew that this was going to happen, watching how we play, seeing how Ivan Toney and Mbuemo dealt with our defence, let’s face it, Lukaku with the players he now has, it is going to be devastating against most defences.

“I know that Arsenal won twice against Chelsea last year and it did change Arsenal’s trajectory, Bukayo Saka came in, Emile Smith Rowe came in, We kind of started to create.”

He added, “We are now dealing with a completely different animal. We are dealing with one of these hybrid dinosaurs they created in one of those Jurassic Park films. We are dealing with a Chelsea team now that are so ready. We saw that when Thomas Tuchel got there, another elite manager.

“He sorted the defence out. And that you throw Romelu Lukaku into that mix, into a team that’s so confident, this frightens me. We have got Chelsea where they now think they can win the Premier League.”

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