I Will Get You Deported – Speed Darlington Threatens Tunde Ednut

Speed Darlington is brawling with Tunde Ednut, and everyone is talking about it.
The drama started with Ednut claiming he made Darlington famous, which the rapper found offensive especially since he had always warned the blogger to spot posting stories about him.
Now, Darlington has threatened to have Ednut deported from the United States. “I’m home now and any hungry Babalawo can do it for 20k,” said Darlington in his post.
See the posts and what everyone thinks about the beef:

Big Uncle ??@Usmanashafe

But if we re going to e very honest for real, Tunde Ednut is a bully and a social media nuisance
But because he do give away, his beneficiaries would never accept

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– Darlington vs Tunde ednut : “Don’t make me get your deported” – SpeedDarlington warns Tunde Ednut.

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Tunde Ednut saying he made Speed Darlington is a fat lie. I still remember when Speedy dropped his Bangdadang song & Diddy shared a video of him trying to explain d meaning of the song on IG, the video went viral & made him popular. Tunde should stick to his repost business abeg

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Pablo Noser@pablobignose

Tunde Ednut saying he made Speed Darlington is a blasphemous thing to utter.

Speed Darlington’s shenanigans rose to fame after he sang Bangdadadang. That song is way bigger than any song Tunde ever released.
Yes I said it!

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Tunde Ednut is telling Speed Darlington to be appreciative. Meanwhile, the only reason he started posting speedy from the start was to use his clownery and below par songs for the sake of his impressions, not like any real help was intended…

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THE SHY ONE??@BashirAwwal1

We all know Tunde ednut was only posting Speedy Darlington to make fun of him and attract more followers for his own page. Talking about “I made you” bro stfu!

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