I Speak $40,000 Weed Monthly – Mike Tyson

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has made a rather shocking revelation about the amount of weed he smokes every month.
Apparently, the 53-year-old former champ doesn’t joke with his weed as he lavishes a sizeable sum on the stuff.
In a podcast called “HotBoxing with Mike Tyson” the acclaimed ‘baddest man on the planet’ said he smokes $40,000 of weed every month.
Tyson, who became the youngest ever heavyweight champion when he clinched the belt in 1985, runs a 420-acre ranch where he grows cannabis in California.
His raw cannabis is used to make some of the best cbd oil from vaping daily in the market today.
He has also revealed that his ranch will soon be a weed-themed resort that will be free for members of the public to visit.

Tyson is the acclaimed baddest man on the planet

This is as Tyson reveals he is on the verge of coming out of retirement after he posted an electrifying workout session that got tongues wagging.
But sources say the former champ may fight in an exhibition game or two, and leave it at that.
So there’s no chance he’ll be stepping in the ring with the likes of Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, as some fans are already yearning for on social media.
But after smoking $40,000 of weed, a man can pretty much talk himself into anything.
Quite simply, there are no guarantees.

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