How Jose Mourinho Lured Me Into Inter Milan – Samuel Eto’o

Inter Milan treble hero Samuel Eto’o has revealed how Jose Mourinho lured him to play for Inter Milan.
Eto’o insists the connection has never waned.He’ll always be a Nerazzurri.
“That’s right, when you become an Inter fan once, you will die as an Inter fan,” he said.
“There is no reason for this, it’s simply how it is, period.”
Eto’o revealed how Jose Mourinho signed him from Barcelona.
“He called me speaking perfect French and said, ‘Eto’o, trust me. You’ll be very happy with the move to Inter, it will become like your home.’ He was right.
“Mourinho sent me a picture of a Nerazzurri shirt with the number 9 on it and wrote, it’s yours, it’s waiting for you.”

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