Gambari’ll Give Buhari’s Administration Global Appeal – Gbagi

Former Minister of State for Education, Kenneth Gbagi, has said President Muhammadu Buhari’s choice of Prof. Ibrahim Gambari as his new Chief of Staff will pave the way for the administration to be reckoned with internationally.
Gbagi, in a statement issued on Wednesday in Abuja, described the newly appointed Chief of Staff as a man of character and excellence, whose outstanding academic accomplishments would stir the nation in the direction of meaningful progress.
“When I heard about the appointment of Ibrahim Gambari as the new Chief of Staff, I was completely impressed by the President’s choice.
“Without a doubt, he is a square peg in a square hole. In fact, while I served as a foreign officer in Hong Kong, he was my boss as the Foreign Affairs Minister at the time.
“From my dealings and personal interactions with him, I can attest that the new Chief of Staff is a man of solid character who insists on excellence at all times.
“Also, given his academic accomplishments, I have no doubt that he would bring about an impactful transformation in every aspect of our national life,” the former minister stated.

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