FUEL SUBSIDY: Rivers Police Officers Flee After Reportedly Chasing Motorist To Death Over Fuel

Earlier today, a team of police officers reportedly took to their heels after the car they were chasing had an accident and caught fire in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

It was gathered that the tragic incident occurred in the wee hours of Wednesday, May 31.

According to an eyewitness account, the yet-to-be-identified driver was being chased by police when he had an accident and his car caught fire instantly. He was said to be returning from a filling station and had several gallons of fuel in the car.

“It happened at about 12:37am today on top of the waterlines flyover in PH.

I was driving back from the filling station where I went to get some fuel for my car because at night the queue is less.”

The driver was also coming from a filling station and had lots of fuel in his car. He was chased by the police and his car collided and caught fire instantly. The driver managed to come down from the car but it was too late, he was burnt to death on the spot.

The accident happened right in front of me and I saw the police van reversed and zoomed off immediately the car exploded. They didn’t even try to rescue the driver or anything, although the car went up in flames immediately and there is nothing anyone could have done to save him.

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