CUPP Advises Total Lockdown, Effective Palliative Distribution In Kano

The Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has appealed to the Federal Government to effect a complete lockdown of Kano State over the growing number of mysterious deaths in the state.
The opposition coalition also urged the government to take the Kano situation as a national emergency and deploy all available arsenals to bring it under control.
While calling on the government to issue an immediate lockdown of Kano and deployment of military, police and all security agencies of huge magnitude to enforce the lockdown, it tasked the government to put in place effective palliative distribution mechanism in the state to keep residents inside their homes as the lockdown lasts.
CUPP, in a statement, yesterday, by its spokesman, Ikenga Ugochinyere, said concerned “over the rising cases of the coronavirus infection in Kano State, which in the last few days had led to the shutting down of the test centre due to contamination and infection of some staff of the centre.”

It regretted that both the federal and Kano State governments were “still looking for the cause of death for something ordinary autopsy would have revealed.”
It suggested that during the lockdown, government should undertake what it called “aggressive contact tracing for identification, isolation and testing of all contacts before it gets out of hand.
”With alleged reports that the Commissioner of Health, the Permanent Secretary and other functionaries of the Ministry of Health are also infected leaves the state without its first line of administrative defence as that line had already been taken out by the virus.”
The coalition while noting that,”the Kano situation is obviously going to be the real test for Nigeria’s fight against the virus,” said: “Nigeria will be consumed if there are delayed actions on Kano to cut the chain of spread.
“It is clear that due to cultural and religious practices, commercial nature of the town, population, literacy level and the pervading poverty level among a huge chunk of the population and other competing factors, Kano is a high risk area to allow the virus to overwhelm.”

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