Covid-19: Kaduna Extends Lockdown By 30 Days

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has extended the COVID-19 lockdown by thirty days.
The governor, who recently announced his recovery from the virus, disclosed this in a Twitter thread on Sunday evening.
He wrote:
“With Covid-19 cases rising rapidly in neighbouring states and the FCT, and with strong evidence of interstate travel being a major means of spreading the virus, the Standing Committee’s evaluation is that measures to protect Kaduna State residents require further strengthening…
“Malam Nasir @elrufai has endorsed this evaluation. Quarantine Orders have been reviewed to strengthen the provisions against unauthorised movements. Henceforth, only Wednesdays will be lockdown-free, until the trajectory of Covid-19 infections becomes clearer.
“All persons that venture out of their homes for whatever reason must wear facemasks and observe social distancing everywhere they go, in markets and in authorised vehicles. Government is making efforts to provide facemasks for poor and vulnerable residents..
“Mobile courts have been empowered by the Quarantine Orders to try violators and impose the prescribed penalties, including fines, imprisonment and forfeiture of vehicles, upon conviction.”

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