CCTV At Redemption Camp Exposes Offering Thieves, Others

A Closed Circuit Television at Redemption Camp of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has exposed a man stuffing offering and tithes envelopes into his pockets.
The thief is said to have committed the crime during the January, 2020 Holy Ghost Service at the old auditorium of the camp.
Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the church, said the cameras had exposed terrible crimes committed on the camp grounds.
“The man got to the auditorium, checked right and left and found out that nobody was around. Unknown to him the CCTV camera was recording what he was doing. He took the envelopes in the box and stuffed them in his pocket. By the time he was about escaping with the envelopes, a motorbike from the CCTV centre caught up with him and he was apprehended.
“Initially he wanted to resist arrest because he claimed to have done nothing. But by the time they searched his pockets they discovered several envelops including tithe, first fruit and offering envelops with money in his pocket. He could not argue again” said Adeboye.
The RCCG G.O said he was shown another recording where a young man broke into a car on the camp and began to take things from the car. Before he could escape with what he stole from the car a bike man from the CCTV centre caught up with him.
He then told the congregation he was mandated to tell the congregation that there is a CCTV camera on the Redemption Camp that records things done in every nook and cranny of the camp.
“You all know that there are angels watching over us on camp. But I have been asked to tell you that there is a CCTV camera on the camp which records all that is going on in the camp. It is part of the requirement of the law that we announce the presence of such equipment. So you can’t afford to misbehave on camp. Every car that comes into the camp is being recorded and all activities even in the dark as long as they are being done on the camp is being recorded,” he said.

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