Boko Haram: The Hidden Conspiracy By Alawode Saheed

Terrorism is a global phenomenon and no country can boldly declare that it knows how to combat the scourge because of the way and manner in which they operate.

Don’t get it twisted, there are terrorists all over the world, so it’s not only a Nigerian thing.

We have the ELN in South America,  Hamas, Hezbollah in the Middle East, Alshabab in East Africa, KKK in America, IRA in Northern Ireland, ISIS, AlQueda, Nusra Front and a whole lot of cells wrecking havoc the world over

After Boko Haram gained prominence in 2012, it started by sacking police stations in Maiduguri, stealing guns, protective gears and all, but immediately Shekau assumed leadership, it started ammasing weapons, cars, ammunitions even the Nigerian military can only dream of.

So, how did a small group that steals weapons to survive started standing toe to toe with the best army on land in Africa?

Intelligence groups divided it into two;

One is the Libyan uprising, the second is external interference from the west.

The Libyan uprising by NATO that brutally ended the life of Ghadaffi opened up Africa to the greatest gun proliferation on the continent and Nigeria shared its own in the loot.

After Ghadaffi died, the militants sacked his armoury and since there was not coordinated approach, it became a free for all. Guns like AK47 was sold for around #5k, Rocket Propelled Grenade called RPG was sold around around #8k ( Go and watch the secret soldiers of Benghazi).

This massive loot that started early 2012 gave Boko Haram an advantage, because with 1 million naira, they can buy a trailer load of weapons and use it as they please.

The West saw the gains of boko Haram and its daring move e.g The Eagle square bomb, sacking of more than three military post and several raids in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa decided to step in and turn Nigeria into a cash cow.

Conspiracy theorists are not sure if it’s a public or private initiative, but the group kept getting stronger even when Jonathan stood up to them.

NGO’s stepped him and started making billions, they booked all luxury hotels in the North East, the more the war rages on, the more they feed.

Jonathan made the greatest mistake when he employed mercenaries to fight the group

Mercenaries won’t win you any war, they contract the weapons, they contract gears, you pay them, the longer the war, the fatter their pockets.

Julian Asange of WikiLeaks said America was playing savior and rogue on Boko Haram, while they tactically support them, their mercenaries fight them, either way America will keep winning because they keep selling the weapons.

As at 2014, Boko Haram was controlling 11 local govts in Nigeria, hoisting their flags, collecting taxes, praying jumat services and drafting their own Constitution.

Jonathan was confused and they ran over his government till he left

Buhari came in, first thing he did was to chase away the mercenaries, reduced the numbers of NGO in the North East, stopped buying weapons from the west, retired generals he thought were too friendly with the West and put his own man Buratai as the Chief of Army Staff.

It paid off, we chased away the group from all the local governments, we even chased them away from Chad, Chibok and Dapchi girls were returned except Leah, they were unable to force any attack again, Sambisa forest was taken back and the government thought it had won.

They celebrated too early, said they’ve tactically defeated Boko Haram and relaxed on earlier gains

A phD student studying strategy in the US sent me a file ( Don’t know how accurate) and begged me to delete immediately I’m through.

The documents detailed how much America hated Jonathan when he stopped buying from them and banked on Buhari to rekindle the America relationship immediately he resumed office.

A week before the election, New York Times for the first time in history put an African man on their cover (Buhari) with the caption, meet Nigeria’s next president.

But Buhari after two rushed meeting in Washington also turned against them.

America and France immediately swung into action and build military posts in Mali and Niger, met Ghana but Ghana resisted.

Months after the bases have been established, pockets of resistance continued and this time it was elaborate.

From Zamfara to Kaduna expressway, BH, ISWAP, ANSARU and the rest began tormenting the North once again. The military thinking it could beat them saw BH using Air to Land Missile and shot down two Aircrafts.

The weapons they’re now using is way Superior to what we have ( the Sahara video)

And with a lot of Western trained military men in the rank of the NA, we are gradually losing d war again

If you noticed, US was fully behind Atiku at the last election, Amnesty International headed by Chidi Odinakalu was bombarding the media space, American news agencies were all up in arms, all in a bid to control the narrative once again.

They want to turn NE into another Afghanistan and Iraq where their mercenaries and military contractors are making Trillions.

The NA is losing its ground once again and we await how bubu will react.

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