Alaafin Overstepped His Boundary By Warning Fayemi – Peter Fatomilola

Veteran actor and playwright, Peter Fatomilola has said Lamidi Adeyemi III, the Alaafin of Oyo, has overstepped his boundary by meddling in the affairs of Ekiti State.
Alaafin had written to Fayemi after it emerged that the former had queried some monarchs in the state for refusing to attend a meeting of the Council of Traditional Rulers.
Fatomilola said the monarch does not have the power to tell Governor Kayode Fayemi what to do in his own state. Lamenting that the democratic style of government had ruined culture and tradition, Fatomilola said the Alaafin’s letter may cause another war between both kingdoms.
He said Oyo and Ekiti kingdoms had fought wars for a combined 16 years.
“It is not happening in Oyo. It is like the governor of Ekiti having contributions in the political sphere in Oyo State. He’ll get insulted, a dog can’t watch two houses at the same time.
“If it was the Ooni of Ife that did this, he is the king of kings, he is the only that wields such power.
“We still remember for how long the Oyos fought a war with Ekitis, it lasted 16 years. We fought ‘Ekiti parapo’ for six years while ‘kiriji’ lasted 10 years.
“Alaafin’s actions may start another war among kings in Ekiti,” he said.
He said the ‘Pelu Pelu’ kings had the right to resist the appointment a subordinate king as chairman of the Chairman of the Council of Obas and Chiefs in the state.
“If ‘pelu pelu’ in Ekiti think Fayemi is trying to impose the wrong person on them, they have a right to resist. The ‘pelu pelu’ know themselves, they attend meetings. They are the Alara, Ajero, Elekole, Ewilado and so on.
“Not every king is a ‘pelu pelu’. They know one another and they have a story. The democracy system of government has ruined our culture and tradition. Alaafin contributing to affairs of Ekiti is wrong.
“If the governor has done something wrong, there are kings in Ekiti who can call him to order. Ekiti has royal fathers too, they don’t need outsiders,” he said.

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