Adaeze Yobo Opens Up About Suffering Postpartum Depression

Adaeze Yobo has taken to her Instagram to reach out to all women who are going through emotionally difficult period during the pandemic, especially mothers suffering postpartum depression.
According to the former beauty queen, she suffered the condition after the birth of her first child and didn’t have a language to explain what she was going through. And it would take a while before she learned about the condition, how it affects women. Which is why she is wondering how mothers are coping now, especially at a time when everyone is emotionally drained by the COVID-19 saga.
She wrote:

 I had what i like to call “The worst kind of Postpartum depression” after my first child, it lasted for more than a year. I thought I’ll never fully recover, be happy or get my self back again, i was in a very dark place at a point in my life that was supposed to be the happiest. Some days I’ll go into the restroom and cry out, once I’m done ill feel relieved, wipe my face and continue what I was doing like nothing happened. There was no particular reason for the cry, it just comes like a rushing wave, fills up my chest and I’ll run to let it out.
I didn’t know there was a name to what I was going through because back then in Nigeria, the idea of PPD/PND was almost Non-existent. I never told anyone for the fear of being judged or people close to me making assumptions about my sanity. Probably why my PPD lasted that long. I can’t imagine how i would have survived that now. ??‍♀️ Going through all that transformation & mental break down in the middle of a Global pandemic? ? #swipe >>> ● ● ● If you’re a partner / spouse to a new mom or you’re a dad to be, pls educate yourself about; Baby blues
Postpartum depression & Postpartum psychosis.
There’s so much information online to guide you in making life easier for both you, baby & mom.
Remember not to compare one mom to another mom. Every woman is diff, every pregnancy is diff & every mom is different.
P.S ~ i also experienced Baby blues for a week with my last child, Lexine. But because of my experience with PPD & so much research i had done, i knew what i was expecting, when i was expecting it and what to do. i opened up to my family around me and we were able to manage it when it came.
Tag any new mom you know & reach out to the ones that are not on social media and let them know it’ll get easier.

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