50 Cent Admits That His Feud With Son Marquise Jackson ‘is a Sad Situation’

50 Cent has spoken up about his heartbreaking feud with his first son Marquise Jackson.
Recall that the two have been going at each other over the years, with the rapper even wishing death upon his own child.
Now 50 says that the situation is a sad one, but however spoke about his how son hurt him, that he used to think it was the boy’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, who fueled their feud. “I blamed this on his mom for a long time. But it’s not his mother, it’s him.”
And asked if he still loves Marquise, the rapper said candidly: “I used to,” and added: “how long can you love somebody that don’t love you back?”
He further spoke about how Marquise like to hang with the people he, 50, had a problem with. “What does that tell you?” And asked if he will ever excuse Marquise’s behavior because of how young he is, the rapper said: “No. He is not a baby. He is a 23/24 years old. He is a grown man.”
And he said a lot more.
Watch him below:

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